Ditto has been discovered!

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Ditto has been discovered!

Professor Willow has finally discovered Ditto! Trainers all over the world have been reporting its appearance.

Ditto has been known to disguise itself as other Pokémon, so keep an eye out, some Pokémon may actually be Ditto, and when you capture them, there’s a chance that Ditto will reveal itself. If you do encounter a Pokémon that is Ditto in disguise, the Pokémon in that specific encounter will also reveal itself as Ditto for other Trainers.

Ditto is also a unique Pokémon when you interact with Gyms. When training or battling at a Gym, Ditto will copy the appearance, types, and moves of the first Pokémon it sees, and it will stay that way through the remainder of those Gym battles.

Good news, Pokémon trainers! Starting this evening, scores of people have discovered the mysterious transforming Pokémon Ditto. Those who have had the good fortune to capture it have confirmed that it was as simple as catching what appeared to be a Pidgey, Rattata or Zubat. Once caught, the screen turned purple and Ditto would appear in its place.


So far, we haven’t had any luck capturing Ditto ourselves, but judging by the number of reports, this looks to be legit. Good luck to those on the hunt!

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