Facebook Will Soon Pay for your videos (Monetization)

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Facebook Will Soon Pay for your videos (Monetization)

The company will soon monetize your videos, Facebook’s model will be more like YouTube, which will gather more videos creators. Facebook have a plan to push videos further into people’s News Feed aggressively.

They plan to share it’s video revenue with the content creators so they can keep contributing videos on Facebook. They have already added video tab on their phone application.

It would seem that Facebook is good to go to make another enormous hop and ditch the label of a traditional social networking company. With its expanded investment in satisfying individuals’ news-related necessities, it has officially transformed itself into a media organization, a structure that will be further fortified with the assistance of its enormous wagers in the video.

A year ago, Facebook made enormous wagers on video by pushing live recordings like there’s no tomorrow. This year things won’t back off. Rather, the organization is relied upon to contribute more cash to make its new moneymaking machine. Zuckerberg himself looks at video as a super pattern.

Facebook has resisted the expectations made by financial experts and uncovered that its development wouldn’t stop at any point in the near future. On Wednesday, the organization said that its income grew 51% in 2016’s final quarter. Zuckerberg’s organization was additionally ready to change over 52 penny of each dollar into working benefit. Be that as it may, before Facebook’s development bumbles, what’s next?


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