Do the test! Google Project helps you customize your Android phone

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Do the test! Google Project helps you customize your Android phone

Whenever the theme “Android x iOS” comes up in any online discussion or in a conversation between friends in the bar, proponents of the green side of the Force always hit the key that Google  ‘s system is much more customizable than Apple’s . While this is quite true, it is not everyone who has the patience to dig the internet behind good apps, themes and wallpapers to carry this task forward, right? So, Gigante da Buscas decided to create a project to help leave the phone with your face.

With the name “#myAndroid Taste Test” , the site created by Google within the portal dedicated to its mobile platform promotes a kind of fun quiz that can be completed in a few minutes – or seconds if you are a hurried type . In total, the visitor needs to answer 22 very crazy and varied questions that help the page to form their profile and understand their tastes. The idea, according to the introductory text, is for you to follow your instincts by “clicking first and thinking later”.

Among the items raised by the game are whether the Internet user prefers the most colorful or monochrome, realistic or stylized, organized or chaotic, animated or static and much more. After picking up your favorite icon format for the system, the test is finalized and offers three distinct options based on your choices. Each one is represented by animated GIFs that give an overview of the package and offers a ready set of applications that can be used to get you to that result.

You can even share your choice on social networks

Simply scroll the screen down within the kit you want so that each app is presented separately for download, always with a brief explanation of what it does and why it was chosen for you. Anyone who likes the idea can download everything and really personalize their Android, even being able to share their choice in social networks. The cool thing is that even those who do not like the proposed solution can still use the tool to discover new widgets, launcher and icon packs – or who knows, retake the test.

Results are well didactic and accessible, even for beginners

So, do you think Google can guess your tastes within Android? Then answer the “#myAndroid Taste Test” quiz and tell us if the customization packages fit into what you imagined.

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