5 Reasons not to buy MacBook Pro 2016

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5 Reasons not to buy MacBook Pro 2016

So, these are my top five biggest disappointments for the new macbook pro 2016 starting with the price. These things are super expensive now. we always expected Apple products that we always expected to be overpriced and you’re spending a lot of money on something in the premium products.

MacBook Pro 2016 Price:

I’ve always said you get what you pay for both these 2016 macbook pros either way expensive the way more expensive than what they should be so for example last year’s 13-inch macbook pro started at $1299 this year’s base model 13-inch macbook pro starts at 14 hundred and ninety-nine dollars that’s a two-hundred-dollar price increase.

They usually don’t do that usually start at the same price and this is for the base 13-inch macbook pro that doesn’t have new touch ID or touch bar on it and even in the UK, they used to be 99 pounds and now it’s fourteen hundred and 49 pounds. which is a huge increase in price and again that’s just for the base model without any of the new touch bar or anything like that which we’ll get into right now, which is my second biggest letdown and that is the confusion there are now two 13-inch macbook pro models the non-touch bar and non touch ID model in the one with the touch ID and touch bar this will be confusing to a lot of potential buyers, so if you’re going to look for a macbook pro online and you see the 13-inch macbook pro, if you’re not paying attention you might end up ordering the one that doesn’t have the touch bar touch ID. if you’re not careful hopefully you look into details right underneath it, but the base 13-inch macbook pro is now the new macbook air so Apple basically killed off one of the best student laptops with the macbook air and replaced it with this new 13-inch macbook pro model that doesn’t have touch bar in touch ID.

MacBook Pro 2016 Ports:

Moving on to the third biggest disappointment ports, so all of these macbook pro models in 2016 all they have are Thunderbolt three ports no more SD card slot no more USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 ports not even a lightning connector.

So you can even connect your new iPhone 7 to your new MacBook pro 2016 not even that you can’t even connect your new iPhone 7 earbuds to your MacBook pros do you know that means you’re gonna have a lot of dollars in your life lot of Donald’s the next biggest letdown for me is the specs so, Apple did manage to up the bay storage in the 13-inch model from 128 gigabytes to 256 gigabytes, but if they did that then they should up the storage for the 15 inch base model from 256 gigabytes 2512 megabytes. I just don’t think 256 gigabytes is enough for a professional laptop especially, when it’s at about twenty four hundred dollars starting out so certain aspects of those specs should have been better especially at those price points and moving onto my last biggest letdown and that is the gimmicks as you’ve probably seen or heard by now the most highlighted new feature of the new macbook pros is the oldest touch bar across the top now.

Obviously, I’ve never used it before, it just seems kinda tiny bit gimmicky to me while these other manufacturers like Dell and other pc manufacturers are making their entire laptop display a touch screen itself and they’re like ultra HD screens and you know, I’m not just for HD by the ultra HD 4k displays those are touch screens and while, they’re doing that Apple puts a small tiny touch bar at the very top of the keyboard and thinks it’s the best thing ever. But like i said i’ve never used before, it may work really well and may it may be super intuitive and may work seamlessly.

But right now looking at it, I just think it’s a bit hyped up in a  little too gimmicky especially for what’s out there like the dell XPS 13 has an ultra HD touchscreen at the Apple could have made their entire display at the screen and that would have been a little more practical a little more useful but only time will tell because i obviously ordered one because I’m ahypocrite now.

Let me know what you think of these new macbook pros in the comment section below.


MacBook Pro 2016 Specs:

Now Apple did up the base storage for 13” model from 128GB to 256GB, but if they did that then they should have done the same thing with the 15” and increased the base storage to 512GB.
256GB is not enough storage for a Professional laptop especially at the price of nearly $2400. This just proves that Apple’s “Pro” lineup doesn’t mean “for Professionals”, it just means “our best item that we have to offer”

MacBook Pro 2016 Gimmicks:

The most highlighted new feature was the new OLED Touch bar across the top. I’ve never used it before obviously, but it seems a little gimmicky to me. While other manufacturers are making the entire display an ultra HD touch screen, Apple installs a thin touch bar and thinks it’s the best thing ever. I don’t know, maybe it will be very intuitive and work really seamlessly, but I just think a full touch display would have been more useful and practical instead of the Touch Bar.

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