AtomicX W203 Bluetooth Headphones: Complete Review

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AtomicX W203 Bluetooth Headphones: Complete Review

I wouldn’t see myself as an earphone braggart by any methods, and years of impacting uproarious music, walking band in secondary school, and playing drums in an extremely crappy band in school have in all likelihood harmed my listening ability to some degree. In any case, I cherish listening to music, and can value a strong sounding, agreeable, and moderate match of earphones, similar to the AtomicX W203 from our companions at iDeaUSA.

AtomicX W203 Bluetooth Headphones: Complete Review

AtomicX W203 Bluetooth Headphones

The AtomicX W203 Bluetooth Headphones from iDeaUSA ($69.99 on Amazon) are agreeable, fetched cognizant on-ear earphones. Offering rich sound, remote or wired network, and collapsible outline for simple versatility, they are an extraordinary alternative for moving to remote earphones, paying little respect to your utilization case.

The W203s are outlined considering straightforwardness and convenience. Developed of (for the most part) plastic, they offer a light weight body and delicate, cushioned ear cushions. Simply over every ear glass is a little pivot, permitting you to crease the W203s and stash them in the included conveying pocket. I’ve been conveying these in my rucksack as I go to and from work, in my duffel bag when I workout, and – while they have taken somewhat of a beating – they haven’t hinted at any anxiety, strain, or splitting.

AtomicX W203

Discussing the exercise center, one of my two major tests for earphones is the means by which they handle the foundation commotion at the rec center. The W203s aren’t clamor crossing out or commotion separating, however because of their padded ear mugs, they make an extraordinary showing with regards to of shutting out most foundation clamor – including music, talking, clanking weights, and so forth.

Another huge foundation clamor test, for me, is cutting the grass. I’m upbeat to report that the W203s could lessen the hints of the yard sufficiently cutter that I could serenely hear the music or podcasts I listened to while cutting the grass.

To the extent listening goes, I did an OK blend of wired and remote testing. At the point when listening over a wired association, the on-ear play/interruption and volume controls don’t work, which is a bummer. Over remote, a little, Home-Button-sized divot on the right ear offers snappy play/delay (and reply/end for telephone calls) control. On the rear of that ear, a here and there rocker control volume with a tick, and can likewise be utilized to skip ahead or back with a short hold.

Sound quality – to my ears – was basically indistinguishable when playing wired or remote, paying little respect to what I was listening to. Audiophiles may feel diverse, yet to me, both offered a reliably satisfying stream of sound, without noteworthy handling or adjustment. In my tests, I listened to an extensive variety of substance. Shake music kept up clear guitar, drums, bass, and vocals, while electronic and rap offered rich, profound bass, without misery from sloppy synths. Talked sound, as podcasts, offered clear articulation, and sounded full and characteristic (Yes, I know podcasts are commonly low-piece rate sound… however in the event that it sounds great, it sounds great).

The AtomicX W203 Bluetooth Headphones are a quality match of on-ear earphones at an extraordinary cost. With extraordinary sound quality, remote OR wired sound, lightweight outline, and reasonable sticker price, the W203 are an incredible alternative for those looking for a more ordinary earphone plan. Despite what you’re listening to, the AtomicX earphones can hold up to whatever you toss at them.


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