Best Bluetooth Earbuds in 2016, Jaybird X3 Review

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Best Bluetooth Earbuds in 2016, Jaybird X3 Review

A quick review of the jaybird x3 super portable bluetooth wireless earbuds connected by a wire unlike the more expensive and also delayed Apple your pot the extras are definitely an incremental improvement to the x2’s.

Which makes sense because, it’s not like their smartphones, where’s new features to add every year. So these will be very familiar to those of you who have seen the x2’s were in the original jaybird bluebuds x. which is fine, because those are also both pretty good the first off the new shape is different, it’s a bit of a new design if you look at these earbuds they’re a bit smaller in volume than last year with x2’s and a bit shorter and also a bit lighter.

Which helps with comfort and the most important part of this back is that there  is are now what I’ll call hat proof so while the excuse had sort of a rounded bulbous back that would stick out of years more the x3 buds stick out a bit less and they don’t get caught as easily.

Best Bluetooth Earbuds in 2016, Jaybird X3 Review

So, if you have like a winter hat to put on over the top of your buds that works better, if you had like a motorcycle need to go under a helmet this new design helps a lot with that too and then the shape of the fins as well. which i do use are also slightly more curves which helps with the fit they’re already pretty good and not falling out of my ear but this helps even more and the sort of passive seal that forms over your ear is extremely good even with the rubber tips.

That i use but as you can see they do come with both the rubber tips in different sizes and comply foam that holds to your ear and gives you an even better seal they’re also again this soft touch plastic finish instead of the glossy form the originals.

Which again, I’ll take matt black wherever I can get it Plus now there’s a little bit more metal to bolster the build quality of the previous ones were actually pretty durable already as I’ve mentioned and as an athlete.

I’ll take any enhancements to the build i can get there fully sweat and water-resistant again you can beat them up take them out on the sand take them to the track wherever they can definitely hang now, they technically have new drivers inside a new six-millimeter driver with a more of a cone-shaped  cylinder housing listening to the x2 and x3 back-to-back.

I could only hear a bit of a difference i say the biggest difference i heard and sound with the zzz this slightly wider soundstage like a bit better instrument separation which is cool to hear but overall the sound profile from the ex trees lows mids and highs are very similar to the familiar x2’s if not a little bit more detailed but obviously these can’t be audiophile grade comments i mean I’m not an audiophile.

Best Bluetooth Earbuds in 2016, Jaybird X3 Review

I’m streaming you know… spotify music or bluetooth audio from my phone to wireless earbuds so it’s everyday you can sound great when now do though is using my sound app to change the sound signature with these.

So I already think they happen to have one of the best flat sound signatures have any wireless pair of headphone but now just like you could with the freedoms you can adjust the firmware of the earbud to follow it around from device to device so you can build your own shape of sound profile you can name it and save it or you can pick from a ton of free pre-build onces or community-based ones always sound signatures to choose from so that’s pretty dope so the one thing that can be considered either an upside or downside or both is the new controller and battery instead of being built into the ear but itself now the battery is in the controller so you will still get roughly eight hours of streaming battery life which is on the high end of what you can get out of any wireless earbuds.

Best Bluetooth Earbuds in 2016, Jaybird X3 Review

But now the charging method is this little cradle thing here with the pins works fine you line up the pins and click into place and start charging like that it’s full-size USB so it works pretty much anywhere the original did come but now this little charger cable you gotta remember to bring this thing on trips if you lose it you’re kind of stranded because you can’t just plug the headphones right into a cable like you could before so yeah bit of a mixed bag here that you now requires this little cradle to charge i guess i consider that the biggest downside and then for what i would consider to be the biggest upside In my opinion of the new jaybird x3 is the price so when the jaybird x2’s were first launched they were about 170-999 for most places they’re pretty premium but for what you’re getting for the price a plus you’ve seen a review i really like them then the jaybird freedoms came out and they were one 9999 you know a little bit more expensive and they’re starting to a crush on some other high-end headphones.

So I’m not a likely to recommend that to everyone but you kind of might have expected the jaybird x3 is to follow suit while they don’t these x3 Tsar launching at 129 99 so that’s already a great price for an improvement over the headphones that launched four hundred eighty buck so that scope thank you jay bird for that and then again when my favorite things about when they launched new headphones is the old ones go down in price so now you can get the x2’s for somewhere around 80 bucks..

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