Our Google Pixel and Pixel XL review is here!

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Our Google Pixel and Pixel XL review is here!

What’s up guys welcome back on your techuncut.com So take a look today at a couple of phones that all android nerds obsess over every year yes of course I’m talking about google’s new phones although this time they’re not called nexus Nicole pixel that name change means a number of things.

But one thing it also seems to mean is that google is taking phones really seriously this time so either way there’s a lot to talk about here so let’s dive into this this is a review of Google’s pixel phones what are the pixel phones and how do they differ from Nexus well they’re very much like Nexus phones in terms of being controlled by Google and getting timely software updates with the newest android build security patches and all that stuff they just happen to be priced at the premium tier,

where Samsung, Apple tend to play so in other words instead of getting that yearly fix of peer stock android at really reasonable prices we now have pixel and all that changes we’ve got the regular pixel which comes in 32 or hundred twenty eight gig storage varieties and it runs 649 749.

which is sort of like a galaxy a7 or iphone 7 and then you have the pixel XL the bigger guy also comes in 32 orhundred twenty-eight storage options, but then it starts at seven 69 and 869 so you can see those $350 days of nexus 5 x’s are long behind us as respects these phones are very much the same that they really only different screen size and resolution and then battery capacity which makes sense one smaller ones larger so the regular pixel sports a 5-inch 1080p display and a 27-17 million power battery larger one the pixel XL has a 5.5 inch quad HD display and a 34 50 million power battery outside of those differences to each run aSnapdragon 820 one they have four gig ram they have the same twelve point three megapixel sony camera the fingerprint readers and USB type-c port and eight megapixel front shooters and of course those metal bodies will talk more about in a little bit.

So you notice i didn’t mention water-resistant SD card slots or wireless charging and that’s because well these ones don’t have any of that dealbreaker omissions honestly think so but they certainly aren’t helping Google’s case for pricing these at the tier they did we talk about the pixel phones it’s really hard not to bring up their cameras you see google went all out here they threw a high-end sony sensors 12 13 megapixels ft point no 1.5 micron pixels and their crazy fast fast a load faster to focus and then even quicker than that to actually shoot photos we going to burst mode you can just go really nuts on it but so they’re fast fast fast their high-end now when they take photos photos to me look much more natural than we’ve seen from some other shooters and even in HDR mode.

Our Google Pixel and Pixel XL review is here!

They just seem to come out looking just more impressive than I expected them to good low-light situations and you know reallythey’re as good if not better than what’s Amazon and Apple are doing and I don’t say that you know with with hesitation so software features though you’ve got Lens Blur and panorama mode and photos here in slow motion and you can record 4k plus using their crazy video stabilization which is really something to play with now there’s no optical image stabilization but google is clearly done some other tricks here to really make sure the photo experience is top-notch.

This is a camera that will thoroughly impress you i promise you that Chris can’treally talk about Google’s phones without mentioning the software so very much like Nexus devices pixel phones offer Google’s vision for android which just so happens to be the vision for android that most of nerds like me tend to like except this time Google’s offering pixel phones pixel owners sort of an exclusive experience a special experience that actually some dark.

Siri or Cortana

Siri or Cortana

which I talked about months ago and that they feel like they can improve upon their own hardware using really great software so we’re talking about things like Google assistance a night light mode there’s obviously the pixel launcher which has been leaked and things like that but that it all sort of combine to create this experience that only pixel owners get for now speaking google assistant this is Google’s assistant for yoursmartphone you can compare it to Siri or Cortana but what Google is trying to do here is evolved all this AI and google now in the voice actions all this intelligence they’ve been working on for a number of years that we started playing with its just now all in one location which is the assistant so you launch it by saying the ok Google command and you know you can say that from anywhere at anytime whether your phone is locked and sitting on a table or if you’re in the middle of a nap doing something you can always bring up the assistant to get instant information that could be relevant to what you’re doing at the moment or buy something you simply ask it so you can ask general questions from google so it grabs information from the knowledge base but you can also have a duty tasks like set alarms timers or reminders things like that some of that stuff can be location-based as well of course you can go further open apps you can book reservations pull up your flight times and other reservations that you may have you can even ask you to show you photos from specific locations times of people or objects and it will then dig through google photos to find that it’s incredibly handy.

I’ve been using it a ton during this review period so it is early just keep that mind we’re still early in stages of google assistant but Google’s made it obvious that this is one of their big focus is going forward so everything is exclusive you still get the benefit of just having the newest version of Android first which is a big deal so you get new get out of the box android 7.1 newest version and that means you get access to some of those new new features like apps shortcuts which allow you to long press on iconquickly jump into specific parts of a nap you also get twenty four seven support and that’s chat or phone support.

So if you’re having an issue with your phone you jump into settings toggle over to the support area you can talk to somebody live a real human within probably just a couple of minutes you also get smart management of your storage so assuming you own the phone for a while if you were running low on storage the phone can actually manage that a little bit and make sure you have plenty of storage going forward so you see the google is really adding in all of these features that have started to create this really robust Android experience and it really makes you sort of feel comfortable knowing that you own a phone that Google’s really going to keep improving over time as for the rest of the goodies you’ve got to really nice high res AMOLED panel rich colors accurate also amazingviewing angles and brightness instances are google’s phone that of course means the performance is as good as you’ll find on any android phone since then fine-tuning their own operating system size options are here as well for those who want choice between a smaller or larger phone while the XL is an unmanageable by any means.

Siri or Cortana

It is the bigger media experience device while the regular pixel is more for one-handed users thankfully neither ditches any of the serious specs and finally these phones are unlocked so that means you can take them anywhere they work at all the US carriers from verizon to tmobile 282 sprint so if you don’t like one carrier one day you could try and you went out the next day and all it takes is a simple little sim swap as much praises i have for these phones are obviously perfect.

Our Google Pixel and Pixel XL review is here!

I kind of mentioned that some of the specs they might be missing one of the big ones is obviously water-resistant so Samsung and Apple of each kind of step their game up there samsung at ip68 applet ip67 out those ratings you can essentially dunk phones underwater you can even possibly take the first short swim if you want spilling things on them is no big deal whatsoever with the pixel phones or I p53 that means you have some dust protection well pretty decent dust protection but water resistance.

I would never put these in a sink. I would never dump them fully underwater take them for a swim or any of that they’re just not made for that battery life probably another one of those areas that’s not game-changing by any means i think i’m getting anywhere from 14 to 16 hours on a single charge that’s with three to four hours of screen on time so not complaining this isn’t bad by any means just kind of average and when Google constantly talks about tweaking and power efficiency and all this stuff and I just not seeing it you know sort of doing a little bit but for the most part you’re going to get through a full day you’re just gonna have to make sure you charge at night it’s pretty typical smartphone usage.

Our Google Pixel and Pixel XL review is here!

I think we can all probably hang with that the design is also you know not all that inspiring pixel phones do yes look like iPhones they look like HTC phones they’re all metal and they feel nice and hand and they’ve got these kind of funky glass paneling on the back which I actually starting to enjoy but nothingin the in hand feel or look from afar as it’s really that impressive look they feel premium you just feel like you’ve seen this before it feels like we’ve been here before it just doesn’t feel that new so here’s the deal with Google’s pixel files they run the cleanest fastest most up-to-date version of Android but not only that Google’s thrown them in metal bodies giving them exclusive features like assistant and put one of the world’s best smartphone cameras inside so are they the best phones you can buy right now probably they might be for the foreseeable future too.

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