iDeaPlay W200 Bluetooth Speaker: Complete Review

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iDeaPlay W200 Bluetooth Speaker: Complete Review

Bluetooth. The broadcasted fate of sound utilization. Whether it’s in your auto, on your ears, or around your home, Bluetooth is the default remote choice. Therefore, there are a plenty of speakers accessible, yet discovering one that sounds incredible and doesn’t copy a gap in your wallet can be a test. As of late, I looked at the iDeaPlay W200 speaker, and it really astonished me.

iDeaPlay W200 Bluetooth Speaker: Complete Review

Because of the outline on the W200, the sound put off by this speaker box is shockingly full and noisy. The match of drivers in the W200 bring up through the speaker flame broil around the front of the gadget, and the sub pushes sound out the base, permitting the common acoustics of the ledge, work area, table or floor to add intensification to those rich bass tones.

At the point when listening to music, the highs were fresh, the mids remained clear, and bass tones were all around adjusted and full – something numerous Bluetooth speakers really battle with. My lone issue with volume was that the gadget’s volume control was autonomous of the iPhone, which means you can max the speaker volume, and still get almost no volume if your iPhone is turned down. Not a major issue, but rather there are different speakers that handle this all the more nimbly.

From an outline angle, the W200 sports a silver plastic casing, which is coordinated pleasantly to the silver shade of most aluminum Mac PCs. Around the front and back are dull dim work speaker flame broils, which permit all that sweet music to fill the room. Along the highest point of the speaker, a piece of rubber treated catches for power, play/delay, quiet, volume controls (which twofold as track skip catches), and input choice (Bluetooth or aux). On the back of the case, an AUX in port (3.5mm), and a smaller scale USB port for energizing the implicit battery are put close to the top for snappy get to. At last, the speaker looks decent, yet isn’t gaudy, making it incredible for stashing on a kitchen counter, on a work area, or under the foot stool.

Talking about the implicit battery, iDeaUSA guarantees 10 hours of playback, and in my tests, that held generally genuine. In the wake of unplugging from a full charge, I could play music for 9 hours and 30 minutes before getting a low battery cautioning; and, I could keep listening for around 15 minutes before the gadget disengaged from my iPhone. I suppose you were listening at somewhat bring down volume levels, or over an aux link, it could outperform the 10-hour check.

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