PlayStation 4 Pro Review: The First 4K Games Console?

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PlayStation 4 Pro Review: The First 4K Games Console?

PlayStation 4 Pro Review: I’ve seen some really impressive 4k HDR game demos at the various press events but the question is this what cool stuff is there in the here and now at launch and just how much of an upgrade is it and yet to what extent is this actually a 4k gaming console well first of all Tom and I discussed, the form factor of the unit in the unboxing that’s just to go over the basics it’s a fairly meaty piece of hardware a fair chunk larger even than the original playstation 4 port configuration is essentially identical to the standard model for obviously hdmi 1.4 get swapped out for the 4k equips 2.0 well yes there’s a USB 3.0 port on the rear toslink digital output returns having being dropped from the ps4 coh 2000 slim model so looking good so far but when you launch the Machine initially you may feel some sense of deja vu all looks and feels very familiar there’s no immediate well factor from you upgrade and this is the thing with the s4 pro is a ps4 simply one with beefed-up specs and yes basic functionality from the front end is actually pretty much identical to the base machine to illustrate is a time-lapse where we’ve used our jewel system control technology to van ps4 and the pro from the same joypad we went through every option and it’s all pretty much of a match this perhaps not surprisingly only when you get to the video output options do you see any differences to additional selectable zahir 2160 pyenv for 20 and 21 60 feet rGP ok so for 20 is a useful feature actually allows those with older hdmi 1.4 4k screens that do support 60 Hertz to work with the probe for those with 4k 30 Hertz displays won’t get much luck here now I won’t get too bogged down in the technicals but to cut a long story short system known as chroma subsampling is used to half ok bandwidth so the data rate is compatible with hdmi 1.4 and alot of screens out there do support this 60 Hertz format and 420 is also used to properly support HD RV attend the output RGB is the preferred option for non HDR hdmi 2.0 screens that and there’sanother unique option here that the base ps4 doesn’t have an information screen that tells you whether your display supports HDR and what content drm system is your display can work with if you  don’t have hdcp 2.2 yeah then you might have issues running some 4k streaming media not that there’s actually a huge amount of it i could actually find right now amazon prime was locked to 1080p for me but netflix at least supported ultra HD and it looked great for those interested he looks like it uses around two megabytes per second of Internet bandwidth there in terms of using the standard media player to run high-end 4k media well I had no luck with that sony really needs to update is player software and it’s actually the same story on xbox 1 s2 and that’s what a shame actually bothconsoles have high-end media decode but right now it seems you can’t access that particular hardware for use with your own 4k media ok but it’s the games you’re here for right so let’s begin bytalking about base ps4 compatibility regular digital foundry viewers will know that the xbox one s comes with a GPU overclock the lesson learned some games a little bit faster and there’s actually an opportunity here for sony to follow suit now the question is would actually allow the clothes faster GPU and cpu to work on existing games in order to better hit their performance targets without the need for developers to recompile their games for the new hardware well the answer there is a basic and resounding no es flow in basement is identical in performance terms to the standard hardware running the same replay puts the exact same GPU load on both systems and as expected we getabsolutely identical results only put compatibility first with ps4 pro and its existing library seven hundred titles so yeah no extra performance on on patch software so it’s the standard ps4 the 1080p machine and pro only good for 4k well running the same content at higher resolutions is the pros primary purpose but that’s not to say that you won’t get substantial advantages on 1080p screens when higher resolutions are downscaled to full HD there can be some big big benefits so take a look at rise of the Tomb Raider here I’m actually running the base ps4 game and the pro version at 1080p output but internally flow is operating at 4k before super sampling down to full HD so check out the distant detail on this city in the city level you’ll note that there are severe aliasing issues on the base ps4 version as sub-pixel detail pops flickers and shimmers in fact the lack of decent anti-aliasing is the biggest issue with this game’s visual presentation now let’s look at the pro version is completely clean all of that shimmer is gone and it looks so much more solid now I call that a night in day in improvement image quality but there’s war now I don’t want to steal johns under here by revealing all of this games 1080p charms who have a video on that soon enough but there is a higher quality full HD rendermode but more interesting to me at least is the ability to run an unlocked framerate it’s not a lot 60 FPS throughout the last but it’s another night and day improvement to avoid a spectacular game and it’s not the only title to do this this is infamous first light running here in its performance mode and it’s just glorious to play it much closer to 60 frames per second so what about those 4k modes then two major uses the checkerboard in system and it looks really good on out for HD screens and it’s actually pretty hard to spot upscaling artifacts the pro works really well here in producing an ultra HD output even if it’s not quite flawless well I’ve talked a lot about scaling in the past so I won’t repeat myself too much here but i’ll just make this one point one more time this is a four-hundred-dollar box 350 pounds in the UK and that’s far cheaper than any 4k capable pc now there are limitations of course but I’m willing to make allowances here especially in the early days bearing in mind the future games i’ve seen like horizon zero dawn and days gone which both look spectacular but what’s interesting from my perspective is just how many different high-resolution modes I’ve seen so far and we’ve only just started looking at pro software now some of you mightremember that i built a pc to the pros GPU spec and came to the conclusion that maybe 1440p was a better fit for the capabilities of the hardware now that was before I found out exactly how check boarding really works but what’s clear is that this technique is not so easy to implement and in the launch period at least plenty of games are using straight up scaling to produce a 4k output uncharted 4 is the big one it is indeed operating at 1440p or something very close to it and ones that are very similar performance level to the standard game on base ps4 hardware while there’s 60 FPS multiplayer gets a bump from 900p to 1080p so yeah no proper 4k mode for ps4 flagship game andthat may feel like a bit of a letdown but i must say that the temple super sampling just looks great and this title still that’s really cool on the full case screen but it is softer than you might have hopedtitanfall 2 now that uses the same dynamic scaling technology is the base playstation 4 game but with more GPU power it runs at resolutions much higher than 1080p but again we see 1440p as thetop-end resolution modern warfare remastered yeah this is an interesting one actually gets a 125 percent resolution increase over the base ps4 version it runs at about 20 18 x 16 20 and he looks good but from another perspective that is only fifty six percent of the resolution of a native 4k frame buffer now the Last of Us remastered 60fps on pro with a sub native resolution however you can swap over to a 30 Hertz mode where you get improved shadow quality and yes all native 4k and we do indeed have another try to running at native 4k the Skylands special edition now what’s curious about this one is the performance is basically identical to the standard ps4 game and foliage tourdistance maybe you can get a minor upgrade so with all this in mind it sort of makes me wonder just how much the base ps4 version is actually being held back ok so what’s clear is that just about every pro titles supports higher resolution mode but it may be some time before we see more developers get to grips with the hardware to offer up actual 4k support check your boarding has handed in some really nice results so far whether 1800 p or food 2160p 4k but it’s clear that standard upscalingwhere we see lower resolution frame buffers well is obviously easier for developers to implement and what’s clear is that some game makers are spinning out their own techniques for 4k output in some of the acts of ratchet and clank uses a form of temporal injection to produce some remarkable results oh and of course it would be remiss of me not to talk about HDR high dynamic range the front end has automatic and off functions and generally speaking actual HDR totals are in the games themselves as you can see here in uncharted 4 we can’t really show you the benefits of HDR in this medium but we can say that more detail is resolved and some titles just look spectacular but it involves you having to own a really expensive display to get the best out of it and the lower your budget for a new screen the less impressive the results from HD are generally but that’s a topic foranother time okay look so we’ve had the pro for less than a week so far and there’s still so much to test for example I know that PSP our titles get pho enhancements to and we really need to go in-depth on this but in the here and now this is what I think about Sony’s new console there’s a reallysmart use of what is still a relatively small amount of GPU power especially compared to the latest and greatest pc graphics technology now this chip really don’t be capable of running 4k consolegames you’re already we’ve seen some pretty impressive stuff but also what’s clear is that right now at least many developers are utilizing the pro in less sophisticated ways we’re seeing resolution boosts sure that many titles aren’t running at 4k or anything close to it that may well disappoint many bearing in mind the whole pitch behind the consoles so what’s the bottom line well ps4 pro was built to a budget which is why it doesn’t have a UHD blu-ray drive and why it doesn’t integrate thePSP our external processor and I think that targeting that price so aggressively may well be a mini smart move on Sony’s behalf right now it’s clear that the tech is there to get some excellent results almost on par with native 4k and some titles do deliver that but many others clearly do not but when the machine is so keenly priced I reckon you’re still getting a really good deal bearing in mind that it is so much more powerful than either standard playstation 4 or the xbox one and it doesn’t cost that much more and I’ve seen just how good some of the future games look so I think over time we willsee more better flow implementations whether their native 4k checkerboard or otherwise Sony’s throwing down the gauntlet here and I can’t wait to see how Microsoft response but well there’s a long wait there and in the here and now that’s all I’ve got for you as always do like subscribe and share our work oh and do please consider supporting our patreon thanks so much for watching andi’ll catch you next time

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