Review: The OnePlus 3T is a totally unnecessary but welcome upgrade

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Review: The OnePlus 3T is a totally unnecessary but welcome upgrade

Review: The OnePlus 3T

The OnePlus 3T was just a couple things you need to know about this phone obviously looks very familiar to the phone Oneplus released less than six months ago the Oneplus three one of the best budget phones out there for the record great phone for under former but highly recommended the Oneplus 3t is to the 1+3 as the iphone 6s was to the iphone 6.

Design & Specs: The OnePlus 3T

Review: The OnePlus 3T

Review: The OnePlus 3T

Basically it is the new of it’s kind of an interracial change to the phone that came out back in June it’s a spec bump fit into the exact same design you wouldn’t know it was no just by looking at it unless you knew exactly, what you’re looking for so here we go i’ll tell you exactly what’s new number one is you might have noticed is the slightly new color this is called gunmetal and you can see it vs 1 plus 3 is silver you notice the difference right it’s subtle it’s slightly darker is kind of more like a space grey type of thing i like it and there’s also a soft gold as well number two is it has a Snapdragon 820 one inside at the higher 2.35 gigahertz clock speeds so not underclocked like it is in the pixel so it’s a slightly newer super high-end ship and when you pair that back with the same 60 gigabytes of RAM you have yourself a pretty high.

Specs: The OnePlus 3T

Display Size 5.5 Inch
Display Type Optic Amoled
Processor Snapdragon 821
Storage Space 64/128 GB
Camera Front/Rear 16MP/16MP
OS Android M
Battery 3400 mAh
FingerPrint Sensor Yes
Charging Ports Type-C 1.0
Dimensions  152.7 x 74.7 x 7.4 mm

I mean one of the highest and spec sheets of any smartphone so number three and i think that this is my favorite is they fit a much larger battery in this phone in the exact same dimensions this Oneplus 3T is rocking a 3400mAh power battery up from the three thousand million power battery you had before that is legit.

I’ve been preaching about you know, if you can make a phone battery as big as possible even if the phone’s a little bit thicker you should do it so now you’re getting a 13-percent bigger battery with Oneplus 3T in the same metal body that should be nice to translate too much better battery life and screen on time number four is this is also now a 128 gigabyte iPhone so double the storage you had with 1+3 was a 64 gigabyte phone tops so 120 that should alleviate some of the concerns of people who really wanted expandable storage you still don’t get that but i keep my entire Spotify library downloaded for flights and hundred twenty eight gigs was great for me number five is the cameras so the Oneplus 3T has the exact same 16 megapixel camera on the back that’s no change still pretty damn good but it’s now rocking a you 16 megapixel front-facing camera.

OnePlus 3T brings moderate updates to the OnePlus 3. The phone features Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 821 processor (same as on Pixel XL) and has seen a bump in battery capacity, which now stands at 3400 mAh – compared to the OnePlus 3’s 3000 mAh battery.

OnePlus 3T also comes with a new 16MP front camera with Samsung 3P8SP processor. The phone will be available in two colour variants – Soft Gold and Bold Gunmetal.  OnePlus 3T comes with 6GB RAM, but there’s a new 128GB storage version as well.

We had reviewed the OnePlus 3, and found that it comes with one of the best cameras among Android devices. This works well in both bright and low-light conditions. OnePlus 3T is currently running on Android Marshmallow, but is expected to get the Nougat update by the end of the year.

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